Flash quotes from Team Media Day, July 26

FLASH QUOTES: Team Press Conference, July 26 at the Olympic Sailing Venue, Weymouth & Portland, U.K.

Debbie CAPOZZI (USA) – Women’s Match Racing

On preparations for the long Olympic regatta:
“We just take it day by day.”

On the Nothe course and potential distractions:
“We’ve talked about the distractions of being close to shore but we are fairly used to it, but this is going to be on a much grander scale. Once we get into the five-minute countdown we don’t really notice anything.”

Anna TUNNICLIFFE (USA) -Women’s Match Racing

On the key to making a transition from Laser class to women’s match racing:
“I owe a lot of the success of the smooth switch to my teammates. I got lucky by teaming up with CAPOZZI and VANDEMOER, who have both had a lot of team experience. They taught me early on how to work as a team.”

On potentially shifty winds at the Nothe course:
“It is match racing. We have been sailing on courses close to the shore for the last four years so we expect really shifty conditions. That is what we train for. It is all part of the game for us.”

Molly VANDEMOER (USA) -Women’s Match Racing

On advice for young sailors considering a future Olympic campaign:
“Make sure you know what you are getting into, work really hard, listen to your coach but keep it fun. If you are not having fun you need to be able to reassess because life should be good.”
Zach RAILEY (USA) – Finn

On the USA fitness program:
“That was a big point after 2008. We’ve worked a lot at our altitude venue in Colorado Springs. I’ve put on 40 pounds since I raced in China to get ready for Weymouth.”

On plans to beat Ben AINSLIE (GBR):
“I’m going to try and beat him, isn’t that the plan? I think it would it be a huge mistake to concentrate on one person; Rafael TRUJILLO VILLAR (ESP) from Spain, Jonas HOGH-CHRISTENSEN (DEN) from Denmark, PJ (Pieter-Jan) POSTMA (NED), Jonathan LOBERT (FRA) from France. There are 10 to 12 guys who have a very legitimate shout of being on the podium.”

On having sister (Paige RAILEY, USA) in the team:
“It’s incredibly exciting for us as a family. It’s been a dream for us since we were kids. The ultimate dream has been to walk into the Olympic ceremony together.”

Stuart McNAY (USA) – Men’s 470

On the possibility of beating the Australian crew of Mathew BELCHER/Malcolm PAGE:
“The Australians have clearly been the dominant performers, but we were the last to beat them in November.”

On light conditions in the last few training days:
“It’s been great racing in different conditions than we’ve usually seen in Weymouth. We’ve done a lot of strong-wind training, but we’re prepared for a variety of conditions.”

Graham BIEHL (USA)– Men’s 470

On his hoped for weather during the Olympic regatta:
“As we planned for, we expect a range of conditions. We are happy with our preparation and I think being well-rounded will be important.”

On the atmosphere within the USA sailing team:
“This is a strong team because there are a lot of repeat performers (from previous Olympics). The team chemistry is very good. Everyone is relaxed and there is plenty of joking around.”

On how to beat Australian favourites BELCHER/PAGE:
“We have beaten them before so we know we can beat them – and we can do it again here.”

On the Italian crew Gabrio ZANDONA/Pietro ZUCCHETTI, who enjoyed light winds in unofficial training races:
“It was predominantly light air, which we don’t get that much here, so it was good to get back into the swing of that. The Italians were going well. We were also going really well.”

Sarah LIHAN (USA) – Women’s 470

On the benefits of sailing with helm Amanda CLARK (USA), who competed at Beijing 2008:
“Amanda’s experience constantly helps me make sure I do the right things and avoid doing the wrong things. That is endlessly valuable and something I am grateful for every day.”

Brian FATIH (USA) – Star

On the Star not being included in the Olympic sailing classes at Rio 2016:
“We’re definitely disappointed it’s not around for 2016. It’s a shame and we’re trying to lobby, but we’ve just got to roll with the punches.”

On the Star class competition:
“The fleet is pretty deep, pretty stacked and there’s plenty of good sailors in it.”


On potential home advantage for the British sailing team:
“It’s a tricky place (Weymouth and Portland) to figure out. I don’t think anyone can say they have figured it out, but they do have an advantage.”

On the the Star fleet competition:
“Robert SCHEIDT (BRA) is the favourite and Iain PERCY (GBR) is also a favourite. There are also several others like Poland and Sweden. We consider ourselves to be in that group.”

On their London 2012 strategy:
“Our strategy is to finish first, second or third here.”

Dean BRENNER (USA) – team leader

On the USA team:
“I think it is a really strong Olympic team, noticeably stronger than the team we brought to China in 2008. We are ready to go. It has been a long two weeks of training.”

On the team’s fitness:
“This is the fittest team ever. Our sport is very different from eight years ago. Fitness is becoming seriously important in sailing.”

On the possibility of doping emerging in sailing:
“There are systems in place (anti-doping) and we trust the system. Incidents happen in lots of sports and we have to trust the system.”


Note: All quotes were recorded by Olympic News Service

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