At the Helm: August 7 Morning Briefing

Good morning from Weymouth. Sorry for not posting yesterday. Full disclosure… I slept late! Just needed a little extra shut eye yesterday and then my day kicked into gear and I never had a chance to post.

The competition has been fierce in every class, on every day.

Big day today here in Weymouth. The match racers square off in their quarter final match against Finland. Anna, Molly and Debbie sailed well in the opening round robin, finished 8-3 and head into the quarters with plenty of confidence. And then our 470 women’s team have a big day today. Amanda and Sarah have two races today, and they are in the hunt, but had a little stumble in races 5-6. They definitely have some work to do, but just as definitely are right in the hunt. Finally, our 470 men’s team has their final two races before the medal race. It’s still mathematically possible for Stu and Graham to make the medal race, but they have a lot of work to do. So, big day here in Weymouth.

If you want a full wrap up of yesterday’s action, check out Dana’s Daily Report.

Several of you have asked me if I, or anyone else on the team, is getting tired. The answer is “sure, but it doesn’t matter.” We’ve been here for a while, but we still have a lot of racing left, and every day we are bringing the same energy and positive outlook to the table. Every day, same focus, same enthusiasm. Why? Because the last day of the Olympics is just as important as the first. An athlete competing at the end of the event deserves the same enthusiasm and support as an athlete competing on day one.

Many of our athletes have wrapped up their Games. But we are keeping everything the same. No USA boats have been unrigged. They remain in the boat park, fully set up, even if that athlete’s racing is over. Why? Because we arrived as a team, and we’ll leave as a team. We rigged all our boats together, and we’ll put them away together.

So it is business as usual here in Weymouth. Many people are asking me how I feel about our performance so far, and I refuse to answer the question. There will be plenty of time to debrief the good and the not-so-good aspects of our performance here. And we’ll do all of that when the event is over. Until that point, we are still competing, and bringing the same energy every single day.

Big day today… I hope you will keep following along.

Dean Brenner, Team Leader


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