At the Helm: August 8 Morning Briefing

Good morning from Weymouth… cloudy and drizzly here today. I’ve said that a lot these last few weeks, but we’ve also had a fair amount of sunshine, more than  any of us expected. But summer here is very different from the summer I’m used to back in Connecticut.

Stu and Graham in the Olympic boat park after completing competition in the Men’s 470

Stu and Graham concluded their Olympic Games in the Men’s 470 yesterday, and had a good day, their best of the event. But it was too little, too late, and they won’t compete in the medal race. Amanda and Sarah had a good day in the Women’s 470, and are firmly in the hunt for a top 5 finish at these Games, and still have a shot at a medal… but they have some work to do and will probably need a little help. Anna, Molly and Debbie are down 0-2 in their quarterfinal match up with Finland, but they came back to the dock yesterday all smiles, and they will be ready to go today. Their match up is first to three points.

Dana gives you all the specifics in her Daily Report.

Most of our team is done with their racing here in Weymouth, and I’m getting lots of emails and questions, asking for an evaluation of how things have gone. I’ll share here exactly what I have shared every time I’ve been asked that question… there will be plenty of time for that conversation, after the Games are over. And believe me, I’ll answer the questions thoroughly and honestly. But we’re not doing that now.

We have a big day today. We’re “all in” behind Amanda and Sarah, and Anna, Molly and Debbie.

This team stands as one, and we’ll compete right down to the last moment.

Dean Brenner, Team Leader

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