At the Helm: August 3 Morning Briefing

Racing on Weymouth Bay began on Aug 2

Good morning! Well, another day of breeze, clouds and a chance of rain is upon us. There is a rumor going around here in Weymouth that the sun still is up there. I’m a skeptic.

So, no sugar coating the facts. Yesterday was not a good day for Team USA. Our results were mediocre on most courses and we are capable of much more than what we put up yesterday. Here is Dana’s Daily Report.

Today is a new day, and with that, we have critical racing in the Radial, 49er and Star, a new day for 470Men, and the first day of racing for 470Women. Finns and Lasers also race today. RSX and Elliotts have the day off.

No story telling today. It’s a work day, and we are focused on having a good day.

Sail fast,

Dean Brenner, Team Leader

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