At the Helm: Final Preparations in Weymouth

Good morning sports fans, and welcome to sunny and warm (!) Weymouth and Portland, England. It’s a beautiful day, again, here in Dorset County, and the 2012 US Olympic and Paralympic Teams have gathered at the site of the 2012 Games for a training camp and final preparations for the Games later this summer.

We train this week, and then a week from today, Monday, June 4, the Sail for Gold regatta begins. This will be the final tuneup event in most Olympic classes (some have another event before the Games). For our Paralympic Team, this will be an ideal check in event at the Games site.

The Olympic Games begin in 60 days and the Paralympic Games in 93. At this point in the four-year cycle, the focus is on health, rest, final choices on equipment, and perhaps picking one or two weaknesses to work on and strengthen. It’s fine tune time for most of the US Team.

We’ll be updating daily here through this event and again at the Games. Please stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on blog posts through our Facebook page.

Finally, the team here in Weymouth would like to wish a happy Memorial Day to everyone back home in the USA. Today is a solemn day to remember the sacrifice of the more than 1.3 million Americans who have died in defense of our country. Amidst all the training here, and the barbecues and celebrations back home today, let’s remember what today is really about. Moment of silence, please…

Thanks. Sail fast, and we’ll be in touch again soon.

Dean Brenner


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