At the Helm: Game On!

Good morning friends. It’s Sunday, July 29, and racing starts for real today at the Olympic Games. We’ll have real racing in Finn, Star and Match Racing today, along with practice racing in the 49er, Laser and Radial.

Star practice on Saturday. All competitors are identified on the mainsails by country flags with their surnames below. photo Daniel Forster

You can get all the details for the regatta here: It’s a bit of a bear of a site, so you’ll have to poke around a little bit. But all the information is there including a live blog during racing.

So… you probably want to know a little something about the Opening Ceremony. It was fantastic. Our entire team of 16 sailors, along with Kenneth and I traveled up to London for it. We left Weymouth at 2pm on a bus, and then were stuck in traffic for a long time, and all of us were fearing we would be late. At about 7pm we were still at least an hour away, stuck in classic traffic in the middle of central London. And then, 16 police motorcycles showed up, along with a couple of police cars, and we got an escort through the center of London at high speed.

It was unbelievable, and all the sailors were having a great time. People were lining the street, pouring out of stores and pubs to see what was going on. When they realized it was full of athletes, and when some of our athletes were flashing some American flags in the bus window, we began getting a healthy combination of claps and middle fingers, mostly claps.

We got to the Village just about 8pm, and and the team had time for a quick bite, shower and then a change into the USA uniforms. Everyone looked great, and the sailors were giddily lining up for photos with each other and some of our famous Team USA brethren like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Lolo Jones also drew a bit of a crowd.

The Opening was outstanding, incredibly well done by our hosts, and everyone had a great time. I watched from the athlete village this time, as I did not march with the team. But it was still special to be there and see our team enjoy that special moment.

We got to sleep quite late, woke up quite early and took a 7am bus back to Weymouth. Once back here, it was straight into racing mode as we had practice racing in Finn, Star and Match Racing.

It was indeed a long day, and most of the team hit the sack quite early last night.

The Opening Ceremony is one of those “this-may-never-happen-again-to-me” moments, and everyone enjoyed it to the maximum. But it’s over now, and we are fully focused on our racing. Game on, today… the Olympic have begun and we’ve been working towards this day for a long time.

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Sail fast,


Sail fast,

Dean Brenner, Team Leader

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