At the Helm: Good Morning from Camp Billingham

Hey there… it’s another gorgeous day here in Weymouth, and our team compound (known hereafter as “Camp Billingham”) is buzzing. As I write this, I’m sitting on the second floor of our space, it’s 0700 GMT, and already we have athletes lifting weights and doing their cardio with one of our team physios, boatwright Donnie is up early doing some last-minute boat projects on some of the boats, the breakfast room back in our apartments is full of sailors getting fed by Chef Leah, and within the next hour, most of the team will be here with me, getting ready for their day.

Bob Billingham and Trevor Moore at the 2011 US Sailing Team Annual Awards, photo Mick Anderson

First, what is “Camp Billingham?” Camp Billingham is our team facility here in Weymouth and Portland, just steps from the front gate of the Olympic Venue. We’ve had this space for four years, it serves as storage in the winter months, team headquarters during regatta time, and it has a gym, meeting space, physio space, boat work space (it’s tall enough to rig any Olympic class boat, other than a Star or an Elliott, indoors), and some quiet space for the sailors. It’s been a game changing asset for our team and we’ve spent more time here in Weymouth these last four years than any other team, except for the home-town Brits.

And how did it get named “Camp Billingham?” It’s named after Bob Billingham, Olympic Silver Medalist, member of our Olympic Sailing Committee, mover, shaker, creator… he’s the guy who came up with the concept, scouted out locations and then organized the funding for it. The whole concept was Bob’s. Thanks Bob… the team owes you a hearty and heartfelt “thank you.”

Today is another training day, and the regatta begins on Monday, June 4. The weather should be warm and pleasant for the next few days, but the long-term forecast says it will get colder and windier on the weekend.

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Sail fast, and GO USA!!!

Dean Brenner

Dean Brenner is Chairman of the Olympic Sailing Committee and Team Leader

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