At the Helm: Media Day

Greetings from sunny (!!!!) Weymouth. The weather gods continue to smile on Weymouth and Portland, and this high pressure that has been with us for a few days continue to hang around. The conditions have been sunny and hot with light air for the last several days, but that’s about to change. Over the next few days, we’ll see some cooler temps, and a lot more breeze.

Full team photo opp before the press conference begins

We’re now about 36 hours from the Opening Ceremony, and today is Media Day for Team USA Sailing. We have a press conference for the entire team at 9:00am, followed by some one-on-one interviews. After that, it’s the final day of preparations before the Opening tomorrow. Most of our team will hit the water a bit today, for an hour or two at least, and then tomorrow we head up to London. In tomorrow’s blog I’ll write more about the Opening and our trip.

Today represents the final day of our training period, and as a team, our goals for these last couple of weeks have been to get settled into our Games routine, in some events make final choices on sails and equipment, get comfortable with the summer weather patterns we are likely to see, and in general be rested and healthy. Mission accomplished across the board.

Now it is game time. We’ll have practice races for Star, Finn and Match Racing on Saturday after the Opening, and then on Sunday the racing starts for real in Finn, Star and Match Racing. I’ll give you all a  more complete view of the schedule in another post.

We’re ready, and it is time to get this thing going. Off to the press conference…

Sail fast,

Dean Brenner, Team Leader

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