At the Helm: Sail for Gold Morning Briefing, Day 3

Good morning… it’s going to be windy here in Weymouth again today, 15-20 knots from the southwest, with a reasonable chance of rain. It’s cloudy and cold (surprise!) and the breeze is already up.

Yesterday was a great day for the US Sailing Team. With big winds of 15-20 from the southeast, and a cold driving rain, many classes had three races, and everyone came ashore cold and tired. But the results were fantastic. Here’s a sample: Erik and Trevor scored a 3-2-1 in the 49er and now sit in 3rd; Amanda and Sarah scored a 5-1 in the 470W and also sit in 3rd; Zach rolled a 5-5-6 in the Finn and sits in 2nd; Jen and JP scored a 3-3 in the SKUD and sit in 4th; Stu and Graham scored a 4-8; Rob and Charlie had good days in the Laser; and Team Maclaren rebounded with a 3-1 record today and are back in the hunt in the match racing.

It was cold, windy and exhausting, and the US Sailing Team brought the “A” game. Here is the link to the full results page.

Today is June 6, so I’ll close with a quick bit of history. It was 68 years ago today, just about this time of day, that the Allies landed in Normandy. And Weymouth and Portland played pivotal roles in that historic event. More US soldiers embarked for France out of Weymouth harbour than any other port on the south coast of England. In fact, one of the primary loading points, called “R3” was in the exact location where the dinghy ramp sits today at the regatta venue. There are still bits of history all over Weymouth and Portland, daily reminders of what took place here. I’ve met with a few local old timers over the years, and many of them remember those days when they were kids and the place was over run with American GIs.

Back to the sailing. We’ll see how the fitness levels have helped us. Racing in a day like yesterday is physically hard. But coming back for another one the next day is that much harder.

Sail fast,

Dean Brenner

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