At the Helm: Sail for Gold Morning Briefing, Day 5

Hello all –

Yesterday was the windiest day we have seen this week, with racing starting the morning in the 15-20 range, and building all morning. There was limited racing yesterday and some fleets never even left the harbor. By the time they ended racing for the day in mid-afternoon, there were gusts into the mid-30s, and by dinner time we saw wind of 40-45 knots.

The results yesterday for Team USA were mixed. We had some bright spots and some people still in the hunt, and some other places where we took a little step back yesterday.

But the most encouraging thing for me is that in several fleets, we have proved we belong in the top group, and have the speed and ability to be up there. The goal from here on out is for several of our teams to look for ways to minimize mistakes and avoid some of the simple mistakes that are costing a few points here and a few points there. We have some work to do for sure, but there have been some very encouraging signs this week, especially in the 49er and 470W, both of whom have clearly shown they are part of the top group.

I also was particularly impressed with Rob Crane and Charlie Buckingham in the Laser yesterday. In the first race of gold fleet, with the breeze into the low 20s, they finished 3rd and 6th. It was an impressive performance, and it shows we have some clear ability in that fleet.

Today is questionable. It is currently blowing 28-35 with gusts close to 40, so racing today may not happen. But that’s OK. We’ll take whatever the wind gods throw our way, and be ready to fight hard.

Today is the last day for the Paralympic classes, and tomorrow will be the medal races for the Olympic classes. Stay tuned…

Sail fast,

Dean Brenner


The view from Chesil Beach

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