At the Helm: The Countdown Continues

It’s another day at the office here in Weymouth and Portland. Yesterday, our master boatwright Donnie worked his magic on a couple of new boats, and sorted out some balance and steering issues. How big were the issues? To the average sailor, they would probably have been imperceptible. But to the Olympic Games sailor, little flaws in their equipment can be devastating.

That’s the thing that routinely surprises people about the attention to detail at this level. Little things that you or I might say “ahhh, it’s fine” in relation to our own boats, would be considered unacceptable to an athlete focused on winning an Olympic medal. It might be invisible to the naked eye, but it’s there, and if it’s there, and it’s slow, it needs to be changed. So, Donnie works well into the night.

We’re also still in our pre-event fitness routines, with hard workouts happening every day under the watchful eyes of our trainers and physios. The fitness level of the athletes on the 2012 team blows away where we were in 2008. We committed to much greater fitness this time around, and it shows. This is the fittest group of sailors I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. We’ll see how it translates into performance this summer, but there is now doubting the impact that great fitness has on performance.

I’ll close today with a shout out to all our sponsors. I’m sitting here on the second floor of “Camp Billingham” writing to you today, and without all our sponsors, donors and partners, we wouldn’t be so well set up here in Weymouth. We’ve got a world-class facility and it will be our home for the rest of this summer.

More tomorrow…


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