Coach Boat with Kenneth Andreasen, March 2011

2011USSTAG_Kenneth Andreasen_credit Amory Ross US SAILING2011 is here and this is one very important event for our team. We are just over 16 months away from the Olympic and Paralympic Games and before we know it our Olympic/Paralympic trials will be over and we will know what our teams will look like. There is always a lot of speculation as to “who will make it”, and I am happy to note that in many classes the competition will be fierce. Our goal is to win many medals in Weymouth and no matter who goes on to represent us there, we want them in a position to finish on the podium.

We have emphasized training and all teams have put in many hours on the water and in the gym for the past many months. It is so exciting to see the sailors staying on the water just 20 more minutes to finish working on that new tack or find a way to squeeze just a tiny bit more speed out of the boat. Or see the facial expressions on their face when they strive to do just one more pull up.

As we continue our serious training regimen, we also start competing in more events, starting with the World Cup event in Palma at the beginning of April. That will be a great test for us to check in on recent technical developments. We can train all day long at home, but being able to hold our lane off the line with the world’s best sailors is what matters.

Our Paralympic Class athletes just completed a Physical Training Camp at the US Olympic & Paralympic Training Center based at the Lakeshore Foundation, in Alabama. In the middle of March our Olympic Class athletes will travel to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a Physical Training Camp (or as the sailors call it: FAT camp). The sailors work for four days and do a lot of personalized testing to make sure that we are on track with that is needed within each class.

I hope you will all follow along online and cheer on our sailors. We really appreciate all your support.

Best regards,

Kenneth Andreasen
High Performance Director/Head Coach

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