>Greetings from Weymouth, England


Life is good here in Weymouth, England, the site of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and our current stop on the 2011 ISAF Sailing World Cup tour. Overall, there is a lot to be happy about… the wind gods are cooperating, the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics is sailing well, and our team’s operation on and off the water is getting smoother and better every day. The USSTAG life is a good life.

We’re wrapping up day two of racing as I write, and there are some great results to report from USA sailors. Keep an eye on the Women’s Match Racing, Laser Radial, and Women’s 470 for sure. We’ve seen some nice early results in those events, and you can follow our team and get results here: (USSTAG Sail for Gold Event Page.)

From an organizational standpoint, we have a large support team here, including a full coaching staff of 11, meterologist, sports psychologist, two physical trainers, two media staff, a team leader, a team manager, and a sponsorship manager. That’s 20 people… a big group for sure! Lots of people to coordinate, but all the functions are necessary if we are to give our team a competitive advantage over the other teams. As a support staff, our collective job is to do as much as possible to eliminate potential distractions for our sailors. The more we can take off their plates, the more they can focus on their racing… which is exactly where we want their focus to be.

BUT… that big a support staff, if not managed correctly, can become a distraction in itself. It starts with bringing the correct personalities onto our staff. We want people who know how to be supportive in a calm and low-stress manner. We also give everyone a clear role and then just let them do their jobs. There’s no need to get in the way of people doing their job as long as everything is functioning well. Just keep the train going down the tracks, in a low-stress way. That’s the goal of the support staff… provide world-class support in a calm way. And I can tell you that’s exactly what I’m seeing here every day. I love it when a plan comes together!

Anyway… lots going on here. We hope you are following along. The team is doing great, and there is a lot to proud of.

Sail fast,

Dean Brenner
Chairman, US Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Program

In an exclusive video Dean Brenner talks about the challenges of sponsorship how US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics has evolved its partnership to support the athletes. http://youtu.be/AFWneQU1kc0

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