Planning Your Trip

Below are some helpful tips and links to informational websites to reference while planning your trip to The Games.

The following websites contain general tourism information -

Things To Do -

  • Cocktail Parties – We will be holding three cocktail parties in the US team compound for friends and family during The Games. They will be July 30th, August 5th and August 9th. Details to come.
  • Weymouth Live – Weymouth Beach will host a free of charge Live Site from Thursday 26 July to Sunday 12 August. Weymouth & Portland Live will focus on screening the London 2012 sailing events from 29 July to 11 August, from 12pm until 6pm each day. The site will also be used to screen other Olympic sporting activities, including those in the evening when some of the key athletic events will be held. Visitors will be able to enjoy all the sporting action on two giant screens with live coverage by the BBC. The site will be able to entertain up to 15,000 people at any one time. **This is a good option for those that do not have tickets to the Nothe Fort**
  • Sports Arena – Next to the Live Site, there will also be an interactive Sports Arena running from 27 July to 12 August. The Sports Arena will be able to offer up to 2,000 visitors the chance to try out some of the country’s favourite sports including football, rugby, volleyball, cricket, bowling, sailing and kayaking
  • Opening Ceremony and Fireworks - On Friday 27 July Weymouth & Portland Live will feature a live screening of the Olympic Opening Ceremony followed by a magnificent firework display in Weymouth Bay.
  • Attractions – There are many things to see and do in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. Click here and visit for attractions in Weymouth and be sure to visit and for activities and attractions in Dorset. If you are traveling with children you might be interested in family activities.
  • Food and Drink – Weymouth and Portland are full of great restaurants. Click here for a list in Weymouth and click here for dining options in Portland.

Getting To Weymouth -

  • You can travel to Weymouth during the 2012 Olympic sailing events by park and ride, bus, train or coach. Travelling in Dorset will be busy so you are advised to plan and book your journey in advance. Visit and for details.
  • Traveling by train – To catch the train to Weymouth from Heathrow airport, you can either take a bus (there is a fee) from any terminal to Woking station and from there a train will take you Weymouth. Or you can use their subway system, the Tube, to get to London and take a train from the London station to Weymouth.
    *If you are traveling with luggage it will be easier to take the bus from Heathrow to Woking and catch a train from Woking.
  • Car services  – click here to view a list of car services that are available from Heathrow airport.
  • General travel tips from the U.S. State Department for those traveling over to The Games this summer –
  • Getting Ahead of the Games -
  • We strongly suggest making travel arrangements as soon as possible.

Travel In and Around the Weymouth Area -

  • If you plan to travel around Weymouth by car be advised that travel is expected to be slow and parking will be very limited ( You can expect heaviest traffic during peak travel times - 8am to noon and 5pm to 10pm on event days.
  • We suggest walking, biking and using public transport for travel within Weymouth whenever possible. Click here for information on bike rentals
  • If  you are coming to Weymouth for the day or coming by car is the only option – book a space now at one of three dedicated park and ride sites -  Olympic park and ride booking service
  • Upon arrival to the Weymouth train station there will be taxi’s and buses available for transportation to Weymouth and Portland.


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