>PAG Day 1 – Speed Counts


Today was a great start to the PAG for Team USA.  All three courses sailed today in 6-12kts breeze and lots of sun.  On the far course Charlie (J/24, Lightning, Snipe) got the first race off with consistently more breeze.  The J/24 team of Mollicone, Rabin, Becker, and Abdullah went 1-1 as their boatspeed proved superior on the long course.

“We really used speed to our advantage,” said John Mollicone, skipper for the J/24.  “The races are really long, even longer than Worlds.”  With a much smaller fleet of boats in the Pan Am Games, John pointed out that keeping your competition in check is critical in the long races.

And what John said makes sense because one boat going out on a flyer could be a hero or a zero, as they say.  In their 7-boat fleet, one boat is nearly 15% of the fleet.

Our Lightning Team of the Lutz brothers (Jody – skipper, Jay – crew) and Derek Gauger also sailed a top performance today, going 1-3 and tied for the lead with Brazil.  They too had long races today but their fleet was intense.  With teams not leaving any good ‘lanes’ open, having clear air and a clean lane is important.

Other good performances include four-time Olympian, Paul Foerster, sitting atop the Sunfish fleet with a 1-2.  Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke finished 2-4 in the Snipe class while Paige Railey went 5-1 in the Radial.

There isn’t a great place to see results online as connectivity in Mexico is a struggle, but they tell us it will be coming soon.  The best place to check is: http://bit.ly/PAGresults

Another good day is forecast for tomorrow.  A fantastic job on behalf of all of the sailors and we are looking forward to more tomorrow.

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