>Princess Sofia World Cup

>Hello from Palma, Spain!!

I have been in Palma training for the last week and it has felt really great to get back into the boat. Palma is located off the east coast of Spain and is one of the 7 stops on the Sailing World Cup Tour. So far we have had fantastic conditions with 10 – 15 knots each day and 70 deg. temps really amazing!!

Before coming to Palma I spent a longtime out of the boat focusing only on my physical fitness. We had identified this as a weakness and knew that this was something that needed to be fixed. After the Miami OCR event in January I moved out to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and spent 6 days per week working out at least 2 times/day. We also focused on my nutrition, mental fitness, rehab and hydration testing. I was able to make some huge gains while living in Colorado and I would like to thank all the trainers, USSTAG and the USOC for the opportunity.

The event in Palma will be a real test of where we are at against the World’s best Finn Sailors. We have 85 boats entered in the event and everyone of the top ranked sailors are here in Palma. This is really the first time that every top sailor has been at an event for quite sometime. There are also some sailors returning from extended time off and it will be interesting to see how they affect the dynamics of the fleet. Even though I have had a break from being in the boat we feel very confident that it was the correct decision. Taking time away from the boat can be a very good thing at the correct moments, but make no mistake, even though I was not sailing I was working extremely hard off the water to make the gains for success on the water!!

I am very excited about the opportunity to test myself against this high level of competition. We have made some major adjustments in the campaign with my fitness, equipment and mental approach to the racing and are looking forward to using all these improvements this coming week!! It will be a true test of where we are at and will give us the opportunity to evaluate myself at the highest level of competition.

We start racing on Monday and the competition runs all week. I will be doing nightly blog updates here at www.zach2012.com. You can also follow at www.twitter.com/zachsail or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zach-Railey-2012/137073106354040.

I would like to thank everyone who supports the campaign and makes our dream a reality. From my personal sponsors, the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics and their sponsors and all the individual donors who make this possible I cannot Thank You enough for all of your support!! I would not be here without you!!


Zach Railey is the 2008 Silver Medalist in the Finn Class

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