Saturday’s racing outlook

Racing continues today in RS:X and 470 fleets, while Women”s Match Racing goes into the Quarter Final round. Saturday also sees the first races for Finn, Star and 49er. Although the schedule says racing today, the weather does not. Take a look at the WPNSA”s web cam: We”ll check in with our Wx guru Doug and see if we can get an update.

Update 13:00 Weymouth time: – stay tuned for updates.
AP down for RSXM,  49er and Elliott
On course: Star, Finn, RSXW, 470M, 470W
AP for Laser and Radial.

If you”re following closely, please note the change in schedule*:

Course Nothe: 12:00 WMR QF
Course Harbour:12:00 RSXM race 5 & 6; 14:30 RSXW race 5 & 6
Course West: 12:00 49er race 1, 2 & 3
14:30 Laser race 3 & 4; 14:40 Radial race 3 & 4
Course South: 12:00 Finn race 1 & 2; 12:10 Star race 1 & 2
Course East: 12:00 470W race 3 & 4;12:10 470M race 3 & 4
*unofficial and subject to change

See you online for live coverage starting (approx) when racing starts.

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