Sunday racing outlook

With the morning wind already creeping toward 15 knots, the outlook for an on-time start is 50-50. That”s unofficial, of course and simply this poster”s (our new term) opionion. For a real outlook, we”ll go find our team meteorologist and get the straight scoop. Here”s what he had to say:

The schedule for today*:
Course Nothe: 12:00 49er races 3, 4, 5
Course Harbour: 12:00 470M races 5, 6; 12:10 470W races 5, 6
Course West: 12:00 Finn races 3, 4; 12:10 Star races 3, 4
Course South: 12:00 Radial races 5, 6; 12:10 Laser races 5, 6

*times approximate and subject to change

Catch up on Saturday”s results here:


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