Amanda Clark – 470W

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CLASS: Women’s 470
CREW: Sarah Lihan
US OLYMPIC TEAM: 2008, 2012
US SAILING TEAM: 1998-2000 (Europe), 2001-2008 (470 Women), 2010 (470 Women)
HOMETOWN: Shelter Island, New York
MEMBER OF: Shelter Island YC/New York YC/Seawanhaka Corinthian YC
HIGH SCHOOL: St. George’s School ’96 – ’97
Shelter Island High School, Shelter Island NY ’98 – ’00
COLLEGE: Connecticut College ’05
BIRTHDATE: 3/26/1982
OCCUPATION: Full-time sailor and coach

Fun fact: Amanda has been a member of the US Sailing Team for more than half her life.

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Women’s 470 representative on the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams

9th, Women’s 470, 2012 Olympic Games
2nd, Women’s 470, 2012 Sail for Gold (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
5th, Women’s 470, US Sailing’s 2012 Rolex Miami OCR, Miami, Fla. (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
3rd, Women’s 470, 2011 Sail Melbourne, AUS (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
11th, Women’s 470, 2011 Sail for Gold, Weymouth, UK (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
33/57, Women’s 470, 2011 French Olympic Sailing Week, Hyeres, France (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
19th/49, Women’s 470, 2011 Princess Sofia Trophy, Palma, Spain (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
1st/26, Women’s 470, US SAILING’s 2010 Rolex Miami OCR, Miami, Fla. (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
2nd, Women’s 470, 2010 North American Championships, Miami, Fla.
12th/19, Women’s 470, 2008 Olympic Games, Qingdao China
5th, Women’s 470, 2008 470 European Championship, Italy