Thursday's racing outlook

If you look close, you might see the USA Star heading out of the harbor. Click link for live web cam.

Update at 15:30 local: Finns are AP/A and Stars have just seen their AP come down. Stay tuned. We could be in for some racing. WPNSA view (left) updated now.

11:30 AP up for all classes

The only story this morning is the weather. While sailors are dependent upon the wind, too little or too much can mean a delay to the day. Our weather guy Doug works almost around-the-clock monitoring all of the weather models to give everyone the best possible forecast, but there”s one thing he can”t do. He can”t give us the optimum wind we want. He can only tell us what to expect and let us decide what to do on the racecourse. This morning the decision whether to go racing or not will be made by the race committee.

If we do go racing, here is the planned schedule*:
Course West: 12:00 Finn races 9, 10; 12:10 Star races 7 & 8
Course Harbour: 12:00 49er
Course Nothe: 12:00 RSX Men”s medal race; 13:00 RSX Women”s medal race; 14:00 WMR medal race
*Subject to change; times approximate

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