>Two Medals at Test Event

>Paige Railey wrapped up a bronze medal yesterday in the Laser Radial class, matching the bronze that Sally Barkow, Elizabeth Kratzig Burnham and Alana O’Reilly won in the Elliott 6s. That will be all for Team USA’s medals this week. We were hoping for more, but we’re proud of those two medals. We also walk away from this event with clear action plans for several other classes where we are close, but not yet where we need to be.

We’ve made some great strides this week, for sure, but there is still plenty of work to do. That’s obvious and undeniable. And with twelve months to go before the Games, we’ll be looking at every aspect of our program, on and off the water, to make sure we’re doing things the correct way. We’ll need every ounce of energy on this team pointed in the same direction if we are going to reach our goals. Any little bit of energy spent on the wrong things will take away from our overall effort, and everything is on the table for consideration.

I’ve said it and written it many times before. Being competitive at the Olympic level, both as an athlete and as a program, is hard. It’s hard because the bar is set so high, and there is so much refinement in the game. And it’s hard because of the length of time required. Four years is a long time, and while we certainly have goals every year along the way, the primary goal is at the Games. Maintaining focus and a plan for that long requires extraordinary commitment and resolve.

We took some great steps forward this week, but we still have more to go. The commitment is there, and once we pack up containers this afternoon, we close the book on this chapter of the journey and begin preparing for the Olympic Class world championships in Perth, this December.

Sail fast, and thanks for following along,

Dean Brenner
Chairman, Olympic Sailing Committee

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